DiRT 2 will support Avatars and your narcissim

It looks like DiRT 2 is going all out this time around. Just today we got a video from Codemasters that brought gave us a look at behind the scenes of the game, yet it seems as though they left out one minor detail. A minor detail that pretty much sealed the deal on our purchase of the game.

The upcoming unwashed racer will support Xbox Live Avatars for in-game use. Nothing as amazing as a super-realistic version of yourself racing in the game, but a small model mounted on your mirror that bounces around as you hit turns and try not to wreck.

“It’s just a little way of personalizing the game, along with many others we’ve got. You can take one car through the entire game, by adding different [handling] packs, and as you win trophies and events you get stickers on the dashboard. It just makes the car your personal ride,” says Gavin Raeburn, Senior Executive Producer.

If the video from earlier is an indication, you can see an example of what we are talking about at around the 1:00 and 1:07 minute marks.