DJ Hero peripheral crossfade onto the web

If you are aren’t one of the 479 people following @DJHero on twitter right now then you don’t know that the first images of the DJ Hero peripheral have officially been twitpic’d. The images have the lustrous sheen and clean shadows of a 3D rendering with all the pedigree of being linked to a well put together Twitter page. We’re not calling this one confirmed until we hear back from Activision.

As far as the actual peripheral is concerned it seems to be used by pressing down a button and then scratching the album back and forth while keeping the button pressed. If so, why only three buttons or buttons at all? Doesn’t it matter when and how fast you move the album, not where you press down? What about the crossfader? To give them a little credit, none of the images show the bottom section of the controller. Perhaps that’s where the other 2 buttons/fader got off to. Peripherals always get a certain amount of simplification but this is getting silly. Other image after the break.