Ghostbusters: The Video Game developer still loves European gamers

Terminal Reality, developer for the passed around Ghostbusters: The Video Game is feeling like the publisher’s step-child and they are a bit frustrated because of it. However, they are not crying foul simply due to their Scrooge McDuck like nature, instead the developer is upset because millions of gamers in PAL countries will miss out on their work due to a publishing agreement.

Players in North America will be able to choose from every format available come June, but European gamers will have only the PS3 and PS2 option available to them while the Sony Europe-brokered limited exclusive agreement is in effect. Brendon Goss, executive producer at Terminal Reality, says the game is finished and they hope that the deal with won’t ruin the gaming community’s taste for the game when the other SKUs are released later this year.

“All I can say from the Terminal Reality perspective is that the game is done on all platforms. We are really pleased with the final result and happy that it is ready for the fans on every platform whenever the decision is made to release it,” says Goss. “We do not want the consumer to be confused as that can hurt sales. Our hope is that this is a transparent change to the gamer and that the desire to play the next authentic chapter of Ghostbusters is a draw that overcomes any complications.”

Goss continues by saying that since the development team has not been involved with the publishing aspect, they have been continuously working on the game to polish it to a glimmering shine. The publishing decisions are dealt with in the upper offices, so “we have just focused on keeping the teams attention on making the best game we possibly can. We are confident that everything is being done to make sure the game gets the support it needs and will be available to Ghostbusters fans around the world.”