Prototype pre-order looks good, figuratively speaking

Activision has announced their plan to split the the pre-order bonuses for Radical’s Prototype based on where you put down your money. Those faithful to GameCrazy will get a surprisingly high quality art book. The more technologically inclined who order from Amazon will instead get the first issue of the Prototype comic book, not a bad little perk and probably cheaper to ship then a hardbound art book.

The smart people who read this article will go to GameStop, not because you agree with their open games policy or insane trade-in prices, but because if you pre-order you will receive upon pick-up an awesome Alex Mercer action figure. Those who stroll into the local Walmart and pick it up the first day will save $.17.

We’re not saying you should go to GameStop, but if you saw how awesome our Big Daddy/Altar/Werehog/Clank/Chun Li chess set was, you might be obliged to join in. We’ve got a spot for you Mr. Mercer, your new name is Rook.