Take a tour through DiRT 2

Codemasters have released this video that gives us an inside look into the development process of Colin McRae DiRT 2 that also shows off some pretty gameplay footage. We get to see how Codemasters are implementing elements of the environment such as standing water into how the cars react and how it affects the game. The deeper the water puddle is, the more drag the car will sustain. The water also greatly affects the visibility on the windshield and must be thoroughly wiped in order to clearly see where we’re going.

Another cool addition to DiRT2 is the ability to use a single car in every race by customizing the car with racing packs. These packs will enable our car to endure multiple styles of race tracks that DiRT 2 will offer. The new lighting system will also make DiRT2 a very visually pleasing game to play.

The game is out this September for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, DS, PSP and Wii.