Duke Nukem Forever art shows the most we’ve ever seen of the game

So Duke Nukem Forever has hit another snag in its production (it will come out, damn it!), but just because the company developing it is crashing faster than a 5-year-old kid playing Gran Turismo for the first time doesn’t mean we can’t keep hyping the game up for another 10-15 years or so. Step one: find artwork from those who have been fired from 3D Realms. Done, done and done.

Those links above represent the artwork of Trammell Issac, Layne Johnson and Chris Smith (in that order), all of whom were working at 3D Realms before it went all not open anymore. Now they’re trying to get new jobs and showing off some Duke Nukem Forever stuff to land them. I’m not really sure how “took 13 years to only partially develop a game” looks on a resume, but I’m sure glad they’re sharing.