Dun Duh Dun Duuuun! First Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings featurette!

In this first featurette for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, LucasArts lacky Matt Shell talks about the game’s story, which picks up a year after the events of The Last Crusade. It seems Indy’s old pal Archie has called him to China after a mutual professor-friend goes missing, only to go missing himself. It’s up to the adventure-loving archeologist to rescue his friend and retrieve an ancient jade sphere. But forget the sphere, and forget the kidnapping too – they’re just a few of the many MacGuffins that lead our hero to the game’s titular treasure, The Staff of Kings, a.k.a. Moses’s all-powerful sea-parting stick.

Those still moaning about those crystal craniumed aliens should be glad to see the scary magic artifact return to classic Judeo Christian form. Plus, it paves the way for my pitch about Golem Sammy Davis Jr. to become a real game! Everybody wins!