New Fuel trailer shows off race types, user made tracks

A new trailer and images from Codemasters’ upcoming racer Fuel are here. The trailer focuses on the many different types of races like the straightforward Checkpoint, Speed Run and Circuit types. But what is this? Chopper Chase? Blazing around the world at full speed trying to chase down a helicopter? Seek and Destroy? Players get in a monster truck and take down other racers before the time runs out?

Fuel, along with having 7 different ways to play, will also have about 6 different kinds of vehicles to control. The trailer features motorcycles, cars, semi-trucks, monster trucks, ATVs, and even dune buggies all bouncing around Fuel‘s open world environment. But Codemasters also found a better way to take advantage of Fuel‘s entirely open world, user-generated custom tracks. Players can plot out tracks and even share them with friends online, zig zagging the course across the entirely of Fuel‘s 500 square mile post-apocalyptic wasteland. Get ready to race on the soon to be made Wang and Boobs circuit when Fuel comes out May 29th to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.