Pokemons are go!

We told you it was coming, but true excitement doesn’t really hit until official announcements are made and now Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver have officially been announced as getting their own remakes. Both games have been confirmed by Yahoo Japan and the official Japanese Pokemon website which features logos and other text you can’t read. Much like the previous remakes of Red and Blue the games will be getting new titles: Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Gold/Silver are cherished by most Pokemon trainers as the best games in the series, so this has got to be some pretty exciting news for anyone who has to catch em’ all. However, even for those of us who have never caught the Pokemon bug, this is very intriguing as it seems like the best way to get into the series would be to pick up the best games in the series. I for one have played a grand total of ten minutes of Pokemon, but the general excitement around this makes me want to find out what all the fuss is about.