Who should play Marcus Fenix?

MTV Movies Blog and the screenwriter of Gears of War, Chris Morgan, are asking readers to weigh in on who should play Marcus Fenix in the upcoming Gears of War film. Morgan talks about how he likes to envision the actor who will be playing the role when he writes for films, but says for Gears he is having a hard time. Surely John DiMaggio’s gravely voice talent is hard to match, but there is also the size and look to consider. When pressed for people he has been thinking about, Morgan mentions Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the article, saying that he is a very genuine actor who can play the tough guy and also bring the emotion as needed.

I for one have nothing against The Rock, but think he is probably the wrong choice here. Sure he is large-and-in-charge, but the voice and look just won’t match up. One of the other writers here at TVGB suggested Dominic Purcell, and I have to agree, that is a pretty decent choice.

Obviously Lester Speight should be playing Cole Train, as he already is him in real life.

What are you thoughts on Marcus?