Activision set to assault TV and film with Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, and Warcraft

Well you’ve already had one healthy dose of Guitar Hero this year with Metallica, and you’re prepped to rock out with Greatest Hits, Van Halen, and all those other crazy spin-offs coming soon. Well, hold it right there because the franchise could be hitting your TV with a reality TV show and/or real-life concert tour, whatever that means.

And that’s not all, if Guitar Hero TV doesn’t completely satisfy you (and who wouldn’t be completely satisfied?), there’s also whisperings of Call of Duty and Warcraft movies in the works. The Warcraft film rights are actually already owned by Legendary Pictures who have been pretty much sitting on it for 3 years now.

Bobby Kotick, Activision Blizzard’s CEO wouldn’t comment on the speculation of Warcraft and CoD movies, but did add that Guitar Hero “might make for a good TV show or a good concert tour.”

With the ridiculous amount of sales any CoD or Guitar Hero game can cook up (both franchises were in the top 5 selling games of the first quater), this shouldn’t really come as much as a surprise to anyone. The only question is the direction of the franchises, will Call of Duty be another World War 2 film? Or are we going to get an adaption of Infinity Ward’s super successful Modern Warfare?

Kotick ended with a smug “We have growth and we’re making money. That’s better than the others can say.”