Music in Games / PintShotRiot

The British are coming! The British are coming! I’m pretty sure that’s the most cliche way to introduce a British band ever, but cliche is how we roll here at TVGB. Wait, I mean awesome. Awesome is how we roll here at TVGB, just like this month’s Music in Games band PintShotRiot. The band is just hitting it big on the scene, as they say, and is going to be showing up in games from Fight Night Round 4 to The Sims 3.

We got a chance to see what those from across the pond think about videogaming and music and the answers are a might bit interesting, or maybe they were just drunk off of warm bear. Do you know they drink that there? So weird. Anyway, the guys in the band are pretty avid gamers and love to get their hands dirty beating each other up with virtual characters. Check out where they see gaming and music going, and their insistence that soccer be called football. And, yes, Rocket is the name of one of the band members.

That VideoGame Blog (TVGB): Why did you decided to start a band, other than to hear your music in videogames?

PintShotRiot (PSR): Probably the same reason most people start, we wanted a platform to express our ideas to the world and to each other, musically and lyrically.

TVGB: Music and videogames have come a long way together. Where do you hope to see them going?

PSR: Who knows? If someone had told me in 2000 that I would be able to sit in my front room actually playing a drum kit along to a song for points in a videogame I’d have a hard time believing them! I do think the long-term future of gaming is going to be based around online play. It will be interesting to find out!

TVGB: What do you guys hope to do with your music in the future?

PSR: I think we mainly would just love the chance to carry on writing music together and developing our sound. Our idols and heroes are artists who have created a series of amazing, inspirational albums and we would very much like to do the same.

TVGB: I hear the English fans get kind of rowdy, any good stories?

PSR: Plenty! One that springs to mind would be the last time we played in our home town of Coventry. All I could see was fans flying over the barrier at the front of the stage, getting into fights with the security which were spilling onto the stage, and 2 simultaneous circle pits going crazy when a some kid decided to throw a shoe onstage. It got kind of stuck between Rocket’s guitar and his body and in the middle of the mayhem he just plucks it out, holds it to his ear and says “Hello? Sorry I can’t talk right now, I’ll call you back” with a straight face and dives right back into the song we were playing. I thought that was rather inspired!

TVGB: Any gaming influences in what you do?

PSR: Well, we have spent many an hour around the console, gaming and plotting world domination but apart from that, not too much.

TVGB: Favorite games?

PSR: There are many but a brief list could be Fifa, Street fighter 2 and 4, GTA, The first two Tony Hawk games on PS2 and Guitar hero/Rock Band.

TVGB: A dream game to be featured in?

PSR: Legends of Wrestlemania, doing a cover of Hulk Hogans theme tune!

TVGB: How is the new album coming along?

PSR: Fantastically! We’re really happy with how it is sounding, and we had the time of our lives recording it. We got to record in a remote farmhouse converted to an amazing studio with no interruptions or interference at all. It was just us, Peter Miles (our producer) and the task of pouring our hearts into the most meaningful thing we’ve ever done. We can’t wait for people to hear it.

TVGB: With all the music playing and creating do you guys get a chance to pop in recent games?

PSR: You have to have a little game time! I get to have a few sessions during down time and we’ve been getting into a lot of recent Xbox 360 games. I’m really looking forward to the new UFC game that’s coming soon! That is the kind of game the band likes to play together, competitive and violent!

TVGB: You guys have sort of shot up pretty quick. Smooth ride or bumpy road?

PSR: Both. Our band and our music are our lives and of course over time we have had huge downers but also some of the best times in our lives. We just try to stay realistic and ready for whatever the next challenge may be.

TVGB: Games can give an artist a massive amount of exposure, especially since they often span the globe. Do you see them as a new frontier for music?

PSR: They are definitely a huge thing in terms of introducing new music to people who may not have discovered it otherwise.

TVGB: You guys are going to be in Fight Night. So Ali or Tyson?

PSR: Too tough to call! Probably, if Ali could survive to round 6 he would take it but who can say? We’ll find out when we play the game!

TVGB: Are you soccer (I believe the British incorrectly call it football) fans? Would you like to be featured in Fifa, which is a game about soccer and not about football?

PSR: I’m sorry, soccer? Never heard of it I’m afraid. Football is the game your referring to I believe! I’ve been a massive fan of Fifa for years so I would consider it an honour. Check the tracklisting when Fifa 2010 is out!