Steam compares your achievements

In an effort to either increase our pride or diminish our self-esteem, Valve has announced the global Steam achievements page which tracks the achievements each player gets and outputs lovely numbers with “%” behind them . The page listing every game can be found here and depending on which game you’ve been pursuing perfection in, you may need either a box of tissues or a pat on the back.

To emphasize on the difficulty on some of tasks put forward by developers, only 4% of Left 4 Dead players have completed a campaign without taking friendly fire. You could probably determine the level of activity within a game by looking at the overall achievements earned by players, for example, while 36% of players have completed the first chapter of Unreal Tournament 3, the most earned Unreal Tournament 3 achievement after that comes in at 9% and that’s out of 57 achievements. As an owner of the shooter, perhaps it’s time to put some hours into Unreal Tournament 3 and push those numbers up.