Street Fighter IV PC gets a bundle

So I’m sitting here staring at my keyboard, wondering how someone might go about playing the PC version of Street Fighter IV without a control pad. The arrow keys or WASD would obviously handle character movement, but what about special moves? Do you have to hit the S, R, and K keys to execute a shoryuken? S, P, and D for Zangief’s spinning piledriver (actually, that might be easier than doing a 360 on a stick)?

And just when my mind was starting to break around the prospect of nailing an ultra combo, along comes Capcom’s Unity blog to put my fears to rest. According to the latest post, console-impaired fighters will have the option of buying the game bundled with a Mad Catz FightPad for $59.99 — not a bad deal when you consider that these pads have gone for more than that by themselves on eBay. If you are interested in the bundle, Capcom suggests you get your preorders in now, as they’re only creating enough to fulfill initial retailer orders. Street Fighter IV PC hits shelves and digital distributors on July 7.