Valve discusses Sniper update

Valve understands your frustration. You’re a Heavy trying to take out that Scout running around, you’ve got him, just a few more shots. Then bam! You get shot, drawing your attention away from the Scout and onto some Sniper far away. It’s a relationship that nobody can get personal with, especially when the other person is a mile away with sunglasses and a hat on. In a recent entry on the Team Fortress 2 site revolving around the next Sniper update, the next Sniper rifle may clear up that gap.

In the post Valve explains two things. First, it sucks not knowing what took you out. When you don’t how it happened, you don’t know how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Second, it’s frustrating getting shot by someone and having little to no control over the events that occurred. They’re far off in the distance and you’re not the appropriate class to do something about it. That may change in the Sniper update where the Sniper will receive an unlockable that will give you a chance in battle and make the Sniper’s skirmish more personal. “We want him to give up some of his primary advantage in return for something else, so that enemies he kills feel like they were engaged with them, and feel like they could have survived if they’d just managed to fight a little better.” Interesting..