Leaked Duke media takes it up a notch, now there’s video

Remember those sultry Duke Nukem Forever pics we saw a little while ago? Well, looks like yet another of the game’s developers, Bryan Brewer, let loose this little gem of a demo reel showing off more than a couple scenarios from the game. Fair warning to all: this is an M-Rated demo reel. Most of you will probably be pleased to hear that, but just in case… you have been warned.

For my money, I’m pretty impressed with the body physics going on in those clips, and visually it doesn’t look too bad. I had no problem with those scripted sequences, either. The monsters were big and did menacing things, too. The gameplay was a little sparse. We see Duke running, shooting things… yeah that’s about it. It’s clear Brewer was in the animation department. There is the part where he climbs the big dude, though, which looked cool. I am still a believer that, if we really are never seeing this game, then we’re at least missing out on goodness if not greatness.