Portable gaming is still big in Japan

You’ve no doubt seen the “it prints money” image enough times that if you were to save a copy for each instance it would rival the hard drive space of your porn collection. However, as many times as you’ve seen it, it’s still 100 percent fitting because the Nintendo DS and all its offspring could literally take over Japan, if they gained sentience and programming to enslave or kill, with that install base rising steadily. If you’ve seen Chopping Mall as many times as I have then you’ll understand the gravity of a situation like that, especially when you realize that one in every five Japanese people own a DS.

GI.biz reports that the DSi and DS Lite combined fell just shy of outselling the axis forces of PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii this past week. The DS family pushed a healthy 56,673 unit attack with the DSi claiming 49,133 and the DS Lite a not-too-shabby 7,540. The big boys combined accounted for just under 58,000 units seeing PS3 push 23,588, Wii follow behind with 21,546 and Xbox 360 bring up the rear with 7,313. Surprisingly enough, the PS2 is still alive and kicking, rocking out 5,479 units and the PSP managing the top spot, outselling the DSi by just over 400 units at 49,557.

It’ll be interesting to see what the landscape will look like if the rumors of Sony’s PSP Go! come true at E3 and what the imaginary (for now) handheld will be able to do to the iron death grip of Nintendo.