Prince of Persia movie footage gets us all steamed up

Oh Gyllenhaal, you great big hunk of manliness you. Leap over here and let me run my fingers through that long, flowing ha… Oh hi! Didn’t see you there! I was just… erm… anyway…

Feast your eyes upon a snippet of promo material for the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie, courtesy of the eagle-eyed SeanbaJuice. In it you will find Jerry ‘EXPLOSIONS!’ Bruckheimer talking the film up, a little bit of behind the scenes stuff and some quite impressive looking footage from the movie itself. Don’t say it too loud but it looks like this one may just be good. Alright, so we’re not talking Star Trek good (if you haven’t seen it yet, go go go!), but with impressive real-world sets and proper hollywood firepower backing it up, this could easily slip into pole position as ‘best videogame movie, evar!’

Also, prepare for a chuckle as Bruckheimer responds to the question, “So, what does Jake Gyllenhaal bring to the role?” with, “Oh well, he’s very handsome.” He is, *sigh*, he is.