Social networking says Dead Space 2 is a-comin’

Dead Space is a good game. Reviewers like it. It has won awards. Given its critical success, EA’s goal towards establishing new IPs, and then-EA Redwood Shores’ (now renamed to Visceral Games) general manager Glenn Schofield outright confirming that a sequel is in the works, more news of a follow-up game is hardy shocking. But here’s a bit anyway.

On his LinkedIn profile, EA’s Pratik Patel mentionedDead Space 2” as one of the games he has worked on and marked down his role as the game’s technical/development director. The profile has since been removed, an action hinting that maybe the game wants to lay low and creep in the shadows for now. So the next time you hear someone say “Dead Space 2,” don’t forget to put on your best “zomg-no-wai!” expression.