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Last week we mentioned how Thief 4 was probably one of the worst kept secrets in gaming after Eidos kept dropping hints about a “AAA” game starting with the letter “T.” Today, Eidos Montreal has blown the cloak off the whole affair and officially announced that Thief 4, head-shakingly written as Thi4f, is the real deal. It’s about as surprising as finding out Santa Claus isn’t real when your parents tell you at age 25; you pretty much knew but needed that little extra push.

At the moment no information on the game is skulking about at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The official website is up with only the image, created by a time travelling 14-year-old from 1997, you see above and a link to the official forum where fans are busily discussing the weather, possible main character and bright text on dark backgrounds hurting their eyes. Hopefully Eidos reveals a little more at E3 before the speculation turns ugly and the name-calling begins.