This IS the Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes info you are looking for

Despite the Jedi powers you may or may not possess, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes is coming to invade every current console known to mankind. Based on the Cartoon Network series and using assets straight from Lucasfilm Animation instead of some third rate sidewalk artist, the game presents players with a new story line that fills the gap between seasons one and two.

As a Jedi, players will be able to slash their way past enemies with their lightsabers, use that mind control thing to control droids, and basically show off their badassery on foot and in vehicles. Alternatively, as a Clone trooper, the dark side can rear its head by firing heavy weapons like rocket launchers at those over charged flashlight toting sissies, blowing stuff up with thermal detonators, and using jet packs to cruise around Boba Fett style.

The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 editions will feature two-player online and offline co-op, allowing players to compete against one another with in-level challenges to earn rewards and points in order to upgrade their character and unlock bonus items. The DS edition, developed by LucasArts Singapore, features an expanded storyline that lets players relive the main events and battles from season one using only the stylus and touch screen controls. No word on how the Wiimote will come into play or if it will utilize the upcoming WiiMotion device.

Check out the screens below, you will.