Batman: Arkham Asylum delay a good thing, expected to score in the 90s

Eidos president Ian Livingstone is expecting Batman: Arkham Asylum to score big with reviewers, telling Gaming Indians that he expects the title to receive “review scores in the 90s.”

“Everyone is so excited about Arkham Asylum,” said Livingstone. “We’re expecting review scores in the 90s and clearly when you have an amazing game like Arkham Asylum, you want to maximise its potential, so we think it’s worthwhile going that slightly extra distance to make it the game it has to be.”

That “extra distance” refers to the delayed release of the game. While Batman: Arkham Asylum was initially slated for a June release, is has since slipped to the “end of Summer.” Livingstone said, “We’re delaying it for the right reasons and no one is going to be disappointed because we’ve put in an enormous effort into it. For example there was one person working on nothing but the cape for two years, so there are over 700 animations and sound clips attached to the cape alone. That’s why it looks so beautifully realistic.”

Other highlights from the Livingstone interview include confirmation that new Hitman, Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas games are currently in development, with Kane & Lynch looking at an extremely tentative September release date. Along with all this, Eidos is bringing a bit of multimedia brand expandin’ to some of its I.Ps. According to Livingstone, a Kane & Lynch movie is “getting close” to production, with Bruce Willis ready to star, and there are also plans to make a Mini-Ninjas tv series.

As for Eidos’ flagship brand Lara Croft, Livingstone took the opportunity to get a bit of early hype in for the next instalment, saying, “The next Tomb Raider, I think, will surprise a lot of people and reinvigorate the franchise. There are some remarkable things we’re doing in the next Tomb Raider to make you say, ‘Oh Lara, I love you so much!'”