City of Heroes: Going Rogue expansion detailed

The newly named Paragon Studios now on the heels of one of their most ambitious content patches, released new info on the next proper expansion for City of Heroes since City of Villains. The new expansion, called Going Rogue, adds a new gray area to the two faction game. Heroes and Villains alike will be able to question their allegiances and venture to the the light or dark side respectively. This will allow players that used to be Villains to enter areas restricted to Heroes only, and vice versa.

The switch will come as a result of specific missions and objectives that players will have to complete in order to progress into their metamorphosis. The game introduces a new main character named Tyrant who acts as the focal point to Going Rogue along with two other main characters, Maelstorm and Desdemona, who represent both sides of the allegiance switch. There have been no other details released for Going Rogue but we expect we’ll hear more as E3 approaches.