Cooking Mama serves up 4 million

Just in time for two days after Mother’s Day, Majesco is bragging about how their super cool new-age casual franchise has sold 4 million copies in just 3 years. Since debuting in 2006 with Cooking Mama, the Mama franchise has grown to include five games. The most recent to hit was Gardening Mama for the Nintendo DS back in March, when Mama finally stepped out of the kitchen and decided it was time for another typical motherly chore.

Sure, releasing five games in three years seems like a cheap way to sell 4 million copies of anything, but with Cooking Mama, Majesco is bringing nice affordable family friendly gaming to the masses, and who can fault them for that? A cutie-kiddie hater that’s who! But let’s give those guys a pass for being cranky. They’ve got enough on their plate right now.

Anyway, the Mama’s affordable price strategy that has all of her games MSRPing between $20 and $30 as well as intuitive controls have led to Mama becoming Majesco’s #1 franchise. CEO Jesse Sutton even says that the franchise “resonates with gamers of all ages and genders.” That’s exciting, but I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe in Sutton’s dreams the Mama series starts cutting into the Halo demographic, but while he’s awake he’ll just have to settle for having a moderately successful franchise that’s found a profitable niche on the Wii and DS.