Forget about Thief 4 for now

Excited about finally getting confirmation about Thief 4? After the long and not so subtle teases the game will no doubt be shown off at E3 and a release window will be given, right? Not quite. Turns out the project isn’t even in pre-production yet.

In an interview with IncGamers, Eidos Montreal’s general manager St├ęphane D’Astous said that they’ve just finished with the concept phase and are yet to hire most of the planned team. “[..] we’ll be hiring approximately 40 people in the next six months: artists, programmers, designers, all the works. They’ll be working on the next phase, which will be pre-production,” D’Astous said, adding that it’s too early to talk about release timing, the platforms it will get released on, or even let any information out about the setting, character, or story. The only thing they are able to share with us is the logo above, something they’re “pretty proud of as it’s very respectful of the franchise.” Guess we shouldn’t make fun of it then? Maybe.