LittleBigPlanet getting sticker packs from Jon Burgerman and friends

Artist-designed sticker packs have made their way onto LittleBigPlanet before courtesy of dedicated community sites, but Media Molecule is finally making it official, actively approaching graphic artists and designers to create new sticker packs.

According to Edge Online, the first confirmed pack will come from Jon Burgerman, whose previous brush with videogame fame includes designing a level for the PSP’s Wipeout Pure (though its his whimsical and wonderful vinyl figures that make him a bonifide designing demigod in our toy-loving hearts). Though not yet confirmed, there are also plans to approach Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Parisian artist Claire Wendling for future sticker packs.

Even if they don’t score a pack from the pied piper of sparkle dust Lisa Frank (though our fingers are crossed), this is still great news for sticker lovers.