Los Angeles videogame fans get music, stripping Samus

Los Angeles, California. Just saying those words conjures images of palm trees, movie stars, and… half naked women dressed as videogame characters? If you were at Bordello on May 9, then the answer is most definitely yes. Devil’s Playground brought the lucky crowd Video Game Girls burlesque, with dancers dressed as Link from the Zelda series, Super Mario Bros.’s Princess Peach, Samus from Metroid, Chun-Li of Street Fighter fame and Rayne from BloodRayne. On a less breastically charged note, the evening was rounded out with music from Nitzer Ebb, pictured above, who turned classic videogame themes into lounge songs with an electronic twist.

For those of you who need your fix for the day, the almost NSFW pictures are in the gallery below.