Wolfenstein just got an upgrade in the sound department

Music in games is truly becoming way more respected. Even as little as two years ago you wouldn’t see too many press releases dropping for who the composer of a videogame is, and now we get one for almost every major game out there. Of course it helps that majorly talented composers are now composing for games. The latest one to join (or actually, he’s returning) the fold is Bill Brown who will be scoring Wolfenstein for id.

Brown has composed scores for games, Return to Castle Wolfenstein being one of them, film and television. His biggest films were Ali, Any Given Sunday and Finding Forester which means he’s worked one of my favorite boxing movies, one of my favorite football movies and one of my favorite old British guy helping a young black male out of the slums movies. Should be very cool to see what he whips up for the WWII shooter, which sounded pretty good when I got my eyes on it. Then again, we were surrounded by noise the entire time so I didn’t really hear anything. Maybe Tommy had better luck.