900,000 castles crashed, The Behemoth prizes up for grabs

“Guess when Castle Crashers will hit a million players, win Ridiculously Awesome Prizes!” That’s the tweet that squeezed into TVGB’s Twitter-hole last night, prompting a quick linkclick to the news that The Behemoth’s old-school style brawler has so far notched sales of 900,000. Not bad for a console-specific indie game that’s only been out for 8 months (and working properly for only half of that), is it?.

As for that “Ridiculously Awesome” prize, The Behemoth don’t know what it will be yet, saying on their blog, “I’m not sure yet what the prize will be for this.. but rest assured. it will be awesome, nay…SPECTACULAR! if there are lots of close entries, we will award lots of cool prizes.”

Both awesome and spectacular eh? Nice. To be in with a chance of winning… whatever it is, all you have to do is pop along to The Behemoth’s forums and be the person to guess the exact time and day that Castle Crashers will pass the magic 1,000,000 mark. It’s just one entry per-person though, so judge carefully. Good luck!