Ghostbusters multiplayer trailer dares to cross the streams

You could slap some Ray Parker Jr. over that creepy ass video from The Ring and I’d be pumped as hell to watch it, so the fact that this GameTrailers-exclusive Ghostbusters multiplayer footage features a first look at some of the game’s new beam-based weapons is just a nice bonus.

If you can ignore the dangerous and blatant stream crossing, you’ll notice that the boys’ proton packs have been upgraded to accommodate, among other new abilities, a blue shotgun-blast beam, a green slime-spewing beam and a purple stasis beam. Of course, the signature lightning-laced orange proton beam is also on display. It’s cool to see Terminal Reality has put so much thought into updating and upgrading the tools of the paranormal investigation trade. The only way this could get better is if you could play as Gozer.