Haven’t seen much of BioShock 2 lately?

BioShock 2 raised mixed opinions when it first showed up about 2 months ago, and again when the first footage was displayed later on. Love it or hate it, we were left wanting to know more, and now there’s a juicy 9 minute walkthrough of the level previously shown for us to feast your eyes on. Jordan Thomas, creative director on the game takes us through a good chunk of gameplay, displaying some of the features we’ve already seen, along with a few new snippets of information.

We get to see our character, the original Big Daddy step out onto the sea bed surrounding Rapture, protect a little sister from a lot of splicers, and witness more of the Big Sister in action. It’d help if Thomas didn’t speak in riddles about stuff we already know about, but this will help fans hold out until the big E3 blowout.