Konami teases a new game, internet desperatley wants it to be about MGS

Seriously CVG? You pulled a new Metal Gear Soild game out of this? Yes, those do look like storm clouds I suppose, but there isn’t actually any lightning or thunder that would liken the ad to Raiden and the idea that those clouds in the sky look like Snake is a bit wishy washy. Plus, wasn’t that all an April Fools joke? Now I’m not saying this isn’t a teaser for a new MGS game, but jumping there so easily is a bit ridiculous.

The ad, which you can see much bigger at the link above, appeared in a Japanese game magazine and teases that a new game will be revealed from Kojima Productions on May 18. The ad also lists a website (www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/next) which as of this writing does not work. However, what CVG failed to notice is that there are two tiny people (at the treeline, near the crease) and an old house (on the right hand page) in the background. This confirms that Kojima is working on a walking to an old house simulation game! It’s going to be epic.