Loose Cannon opens fire on the gaming world

What happens when three guys, with 40 years combined experience, join forces Wonder Twins-style to create a new game company? Loose Cannon Studios or, as we like to call them, potential awesomeness, that’s what happens.

Formed in 2005, the studio announced today that it has formally joined the games industry as an independent developer. At the helm are former Sucker Punch members Dev Madan and Matthew Scott, and Ricci Rukavina of Vivendi Games, Walt Disney, and Universal Interactive.

Madan and Scott both worked with the Sly Cooper series while Scott spent time on titles such as No One Lives Forever and the upcoming Infamous. Rukavina, on the other hand, has a pedigree in digital film work on titles like Jurassic Park and Twister, but is no stranger to videogames with credits on Spyro the Dragon.

Loose Cannon has plans to announce their first game, an original IP, at this year’s E3 with another original project also under development. We can feel the awesome about to come from this studio and cannot wait to see what they have to offer at E3.