Metaforic looks to make DS piracy too frustrating for hackers

Piracy on the DS is no suprise to anyone. One of the most popular devices used to play downloaded ROMS can be purchased online for next to nothing. These R4 cards originated in China and has since been deemed illegal to sall them in the country. While that’s a small victory for the videogame industry there are still items similar to the R4 that are sold in other countries where the law hasn’t caught up to yet. Even the recently released DSi has fallen victim to the pirate’s touch by allowing users to play illegal ROMS on the new hardware. However a man by the name of Andrew Mclennan of Metaforic has developed technology that can kill ROMS on sight.

Mclennan has been a videogame developer for 17 years and claims every game he’s ever made has been pirated. That’s why his company created a type of technology called MetaFortress for Nintendo that can be injected into any DS game to create its own internal security system. Six other third party publishers of DS games will also be using the technology before the holidays. Each game is encoded with a different security system so hackers have to find a separate way to hack each game individually. It’s Mclennan’s hope that this will discourage pirates by making it too frustrating to hack games with an automated process.

MetaFortress also can’t be stopped by a firmware update developed by hackers for unknown reasons. Mclennan doesn’t believe his method is flawless but he believes a solution to piracy should be done via technology other than through legislation. This way whenever one hacker is stopped their successor won’t be able to break through the technological barrier in order to pirate games.