New shoes for your XBL Avatar are live now

The Xbox 360’s new avatar clothing update is out and the ramifications are huge. Huge! Six new, free pairs of shoes are now ready and waiting to be equipped. Among them are four new sets of kicks for the men and two pairs for the ladies.

While it may appear that men have the upper-hand in this pack it is only because I have until now left out two fundamental pieces of information. One, the clothing pack contains a male-specific version of socks with sandals, and since there’s never been a good reason to put that on either an Avatar or in real life ever, except maybe for pity, they negate themselves making the real count 3-2. Two, the ladies are getting Go-Go boots. Flip Flops vs. Flip Flops are a push and there’s no way sneakers and leather platforms can trump Go-Go boots. Sorry men, we lose. Full list after the break.


  • White 60’s Boots
  • Sunny Day Sandals


  • Socks and Sandals
  • Flip Flops
  • High Top Sneakers
  • 70’s Leather Platforms