Sadness and the sad, ugly truth that’s sad

Does anyone remember Sadness? You know, it’s the black-and-white horror game based on Slavic mythology developed for Wii by Nibris. Not ringing any bells? Oh right, that’s because the game is about as real as the breasts at a Playboy Mansion party.

In an interview conducted by N-Europe, ex-Nibris scriptwriter, Adam Artur Antolski, dishes the dirt on what exactly went on, if anything, with this generation’s new vaporware king (RIP Duke). The highlight might be when Antolski, asked if Nibris even had Wii development kits, responds, “Well, we certainly had Dolphin development kits, for the GameCube, and as far I know, a Wii development kit is just some kind of add-on for the Dolphin.”

It’s a rather interesting look into the trouble faced by a small, unproven developer that puts the cart before the horse, crushing fools with the hype train. And, with Nibris still sticking to their guns that Sadness is real with a possible showing at E3 one can’t help but sit back and facepalm (but also cling to a hope the game does exist).