Xbox motion control rumors reach Wall Street

Microsoft’s full body motion controller has been rumored for awhile now, but when the Wall Street Journal gets involved you know things are srs bsns. Citing “two people who work closely with Microsoft,” the WSJ says that the company had been working on a wiimote-like device over a year ago but stopped research on the device.

Instead of focusing on a separate controller that the Xbox 360 would use to detect movement, as the Wii does, the rumored new peripheral is said to be a videocamera that will detect actual body movement using 3-D technology. The technology, possibly from Microsoft’s acquisition of Israeli-based 3DV Systems which developed a 3-D camera and has several related patents, would allow for more accurate control within games than previous camera-based games. Yeah, we are looking at you TotemBall.

The sources say that the camera could be made public as early as E3 next month, but probably won’t be released until next year. However, that has not stopped Microsoft from reportedly showing the camera to publishers in order to build interest in developing software for its use.

Thank you Wall Street Journal, your lack of a comics section is now forgiven.