Crunching Numbers / April 2009 NPD sales

Can’t believe April is behind us already. And we wouldn’t if it weren’t for the April 2009 NPD sales numbers that were released today. Consoles didn’t do so well, totaling only 1.8 million sold units for all consoles including the PS2 and the DS. The DS accounted for 31 percent of all sales by pushing just over a million units. The PS2 got a decent jump in sales due to the lower $99 price and managed to outsell both the PSP and the PS3. Overall the analysts’ predictions were set a bit too high this time around – every system, except for the DS which exceeded expectations by 23%, sold at least 27% less than expected.

The top ten software sales chart was once again dominated by Nintendo. Wii Fit led the way followed by the recently released Pokemon Platinum, Mario Kart Wii and Wii Play. Even New Super Mario Bros. makes an appearance.

Check out the detailed numbers after the break.


DS – 1.04 million
Wii – 340,000
Xbox 360 – 175,000
PlayStation 2 – 172,000
PlayStation 3 – 127,000
PSP – 116,000

Wii Fit – 471K
Pokemon Platinum DS – 433K
Mario Kart Wii – 210K
Wii Play – 170K
The Godfather II (360) – 155K
Resident Evil 5 (360) – 122K
New Super Mario Bros. (DS) – 119K
Mario Kart DS – 112K
Guitar Hero Aerosmith (360) – 110K
The Godfather II (PS3) – 91K