Damnation shows off its evil corporation

In the past we have seen videos detailing the verticality in Damnation with a bit of shooting and flipping thrown in for good measure. This time around we get right down to it, the story of the game, specifically the villain. PSI, or Prescott Standard Industries is the massive corporation responsible for most of the steampunk things you have seen from the game thus far like trains, steam-powered robots and crazy guns, which they have supplied to the country. Essentially the head of PSI intends to overthrow America using the current civil-war as a distraction, to create his “new America”.

Make sure to pay attention to the video while the designer is talking because there are lots of quick shots of all kinds of things you could miss like a sword with two handles/hilts, lots of steamy robots, and large array of different clothing designs and weaponry. There is also a shot of the player controlling someone other than the main character which could either be plot related or a shot from multiplayer.