Have some Modern Warfare 2 info with your morning coffee

Screenshots and details for Modern Warfare 2 are coming to a news stand near you in June’s GameInformer. So save up your money, take a bus to the one news stand left in town, search past the stacks upon stacks of unsold back issues, finally find the pristine and plastic-wrapped goodness with amazing new gameplay details inside, pay the cashier your hard earned currency, re-board the bus, get home, sit down in front of your computer, open the packaging, wade through endless ads, find the right page in the table of contents, flip through to the story all the while throwing away a forest worth of subscription cards and enjoy!

Or you could move your eyes a fraction of an inch down to the bulleted info below which I am sure the more adept of you have already done. Why is the print industry dying again?

  • Co-op will once again not be part of the regular campaign but smaller missions similar to CoD4‘s Mile High Club will be co-op ready.
  • Riot shields, movable turrets and customized weapons for single-player are featured, details are scarce on the actual extent.
  • Modern Warfare 2 will be longer and graphically more detailed then CoD4 and will run at 60 fps.
  • Snowmobiles will be drivable and can be used to escape when on the tundra.
  • Also while on the tundra you will be required to scale cliffs of ice by alternately pressing the right and left triggers, just like in real life.
  • No more downloading patches, all updates will be done through live patching without waiting.
  • More open-ended and occasional stealth options, but will still be quite linear like the original.
  • Steps are being taken to change and improve the way enemies respawn. The original would spew enemies until the player progressed past a certain point.