Learn to battle in Sands of Destruction

There’s something about a well animated attack sequence in an RPG that just oozes awesome. There isn’t much that is more satisfying than sitting back and watching some über-cool attack play out in front of you and knowing it’s going to destroy the enemy that is on the other side of the screen. From the battle heavy trailer above it looks like Sands of Destruction will be delivering plenty of that satisfaction.

If you haven’t heard of the classic style JRPG before, that might be because we haven’t covered it. Our bad, and we apologize as the game looks to be one of the cooler Japanese ports that will actually make it over to America and is yet another example of Sega delivering unto us some old school JRPG action. The developers behind it have some mighty pedigree too, from work on underground hits like Etrain Odyssey to Xenogears. If you own a DS and are tired of playing Square Enix RPGs on it then here’s a chance to jump aboard a different ship once the game hits in winter of 2010.