New maps and gametypes coming with the Team Fortress 2 sniper update

Valve’s dedication to free, quality content is really making everyone else look bad. With day two of their sniper update (one of their many character specific upgrades), comes the announcement of three new maps and a new play type. There are two Arena maps, one is called Sawmill and will be the first map to feature player controlled booby traps as well as the first map to include weather effects. The other is Nucleus, a circular sniper paradise with the capture point dead in the center.

The last map is entitled Pipeline and will play as a variation on the Payload gametype. One of the newest gameplay varieties given to Team Fortress 2 fans for free was Payload. The goal was to push a bomb in a mine cart all the way to the enemy base, one team defending while the other was stuck pushing. In this new version, called Payload Race, both sides are simultaneously pushing and defending with the final area being an actual uphill battle. The good news, you’ve always got cover from snipers. The bad news, you’re pushing a pile of explosives uphill directly into a fortified enemy position.