Roogoo: Attack brings the cutest of games to the smallest of systems

For those scant few who haven’t downloaded Roogoo from the Xbox Live Arcade, or haven’t read Matthew’s girlishly giddy (that’s a compliment, being girlishly giddy myself) preview of Roogoo: Twisted Towers and Roogoo: Attack for the Nintendo Wii and DS respectively, let me break it down: you know that shape matching toy you had as a wee little gamer, the one where you shoved the square through the square hole and circle through the circle hole? It’s back, and it’s not for babies anymore.

This newest trailer for Roogoo: Attack shows off a few of the adorable, addictive 90+ levels (110+ if you link it up with Roogoo: Twisted Towers, as owning both versions unlocks new levels unique to each system) that developer SouthPeak has managed to pack into this budget-priced $20 cartridge. Couple it with Roogoo: Twisted Towers, also priced to move at $30, and we’re talking more than 200 unique levels of colorful, cutesey mayhem for $50. You’d basically be losing money not to get this game, not to mention my respect – seriously, whose gaming library wouldn’t be enriched by the addition of a brightly-colored, fast-paced puzzler where chickens fall from the sky?