Rumor / LucasArts game being revived at E3

I so rarely desperately wish that a game is going to be announced solely for the Wii, but in this case it must be. A source has informed Destructoid that LucasArts is planning to revive one of its classic franchises at E3. There’s no word on what said franchise would be, but the source also claims that both Monkey Island and The Grim Fandango were also mentioned in the same conversation. The return of a classic point and click gaming series? I’m sorry, but this has to happen on the Wii.

In fact I’m pretty sure LucasArts classic games are meant for the Wii. I couldn’t even see them being played on another system. Of course LucasArts is giving out the classic “no comment” response to this rumor, but we shall see once we’re at E3.