Rumor / PS3 shows off its new summer body

What would the world of videogame rumors be like without third-rate sidewalk photographers and their crap ass cellphone cameras? Supposed pictures of the rumored slimmer re-design of the PS3 have cropped up in all their low-res glory, no doubt sparking internet debate as watertight as, “These are ‘shopped; I can tell by the pixels and having seen some ‘shops in my day.”

If these shots are fake, they’re actually pretty convincing. The “PS3” branding is a little suspect as even the slim PS2 kept the same styling as its big brother and the overall look seems rather cheap. However, the PS2 looked like a cheap DVD player that you could buy at a bodega, so as long as “Sorny” isn’t hidden somewhere, don’t count this as fakery just yet. What do you think?