Splinter Cell: Conviction to break free at E3?

Looks like Sam Fisher is finally ready to step out of the shadows again, as a teaser site for Splinter Cell: Conviction has popped up on the net. As is the way with teaser sites, there isn’t too much going on, with just one page, a few enigmatic tid-bits and a link to the Splinter Cell forums. That won’t stop the more analytical among you heading over to take a magnifying glass to each and every pixel, of course. But while you do that it’s worth considering that the website’s timing is perhaps its most significant feature. With a Christmas 2009 release date on the not-so-distant horizon, could this mean the beardy Mr Fisher is going to make an appearance at this year’s E3?

If he does, then it will be interesting to see how the game is shaping up these days. We’ve seen hide nor hair of Splinter Cell: Conviction since last September, and considering the delays and revisions it has endured since the announcement trailer popped up almost two years ago, you wouldn’t be too shocked if this game bore little relation to the one we’ve seen thus far. Rest assured, if Splinter Cell: Conviction is at E3, then our crack team of word ninjas will be all over it.