Steve Wiebe offered $10,001 dollars in quarters

If you haven’t seen The King of Kong, make your way to a video store and see it because it’s become a staple in the videogame zeitgeist. Sense then, Steve Wiebe has tried to beat the high score Billy Mitchell set four previous times, and he aims to try it again at this year’s E3. All that has been known for about a month so if that is news to you, get with the times man!

Current news on this matter is that Stride Gum (of Stride gum fame) is offering $10,001 in quarters if he beats Mitchell’s score. They will also reward Wiebe with a year’s supply of Stride gum, but that is nowhere near as cool as $10,001 in quarters (that’s 125 pounds if you really wanted to know). The current Donkey Kong high score is 1,050,200, so good luck to Steve Wiebe!