Valve has your back in Team Fortress 2, your Razorback

Day three of the Team Fortress 2 sniper update has arrived with nary an achievement nor “Meet the…” video. What Valve did find it in its heart was to share with us was a new shield for the sniper to wear on his back. They call it the Razorback. It’s wooden, can’t stop a butter knife and disintegrates after a single hit. So what, you just get to halfway turn around as you hear your shield shatters and the second stab strikes square in your side? Not so.

The practical and devious guys over at Valve have also duct taped a car battery to the Razorback in an effort to deter that second stab, mostly because if you survive the 10,000 volts your knife will be too hot to handle for a while. Oh Valve, if I wrote a sonnet for you, would you even read it?