Because Solo would woop Indy’s ass!!

More proof that Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is officially the best videogame ever: Han Solo will be a playable character. An exclusive trailer found at shows that Indy can be swapped out for Solo, which doesn’t look quite as cool as it sounds. Change the threads, ditch the hat and there you go.

The gunfire does sound like they changed it to Solo’s blaster, but the trailer still shows bullets as opposed to blue laser blasts, which are obviously cooler. Solo also uses Indy’s whip, but that’s understandable since Staff of Kings is all about the Wiimote whip cracking.

It’s great to see Star Wars fans getting love in an Indiana Jones game and vice versa like in the Lego games. Fans have been arguing for years which version of Harrison Ford is better and a videogame fight should henceforth be staged. Although a Solo vs. Indy fight would be quick. We know both of them are prone to shooting first. Personally I’d like to see a sidekick fight instead: Chewbacca vs. Short Round. Who’s with me?