Brawn meets thong in Muscle Koushinkyoku

I feel a little dirty right now because Muscle Koushinkyoku (Muscle March) looks, from the trailer above, to be a game I actually want to play, despite that fact that most of the characters in it are mostly naked, muscle bound men. The game tasks players with running around really fast and fitting through spaces all while being in a thong.

Namco has announced they’ll be bringing the game, which was a Japanese arcade hit of some repute, to WiiWare, and I must say the gameplay actually looks really good and well suited for the Wii. The graphics are stranger than a duck in a bowler cap with a plum, but that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t look like tons of fun. I have no idea what the announcer is saying, but shouting “OOOOH NOOO!” will win me over 100 percent of the time.